7 Factors For Growing A Sociable Business

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7 Factors For Growing A Sociable Business

Sociabke Business

Making your business a sociable business

It’s important that your business is as humane as possible. People do business with people not bots, there is something about quality services that wins the customer and keeps him/her. Being professional is not synonymous with being mechanical or automated in your approach, forgetting about affections, compassions and considerations that goes into satisfying a customer.

Technology has also contributed to this problem, therefore the brands that are able to break through or break down the wall of resistance people have erected in their lives against marketing efforts, are the ones that will grow and outlast their competition. However, as you seek to improve your customer care services, and the overall marketing approach (online or offline) here are some guidelines for making your business a sociable business.

1. Be a relationship Business:

Man is a relational being, he thrives on making human connections which becomes a network. One of the key things about marketing is learning to build and leverage on relationships. You must make contact with your prospects and find a way to get into their world. People are generally defensive when they are being sold to, therefore, you need to position yourself as a friend, a problem solver who is genuinely interested in helping them solve problems. However, to lead a client through your sales funnel you need to establish something that is vital to all relationships, it is the second point of things you need to consider.

2. Trust:

The reason people buy from their friends and acquaintance is because of trust. Your brand must be able to inspire trust to eventually convert prospects to customers and brand faithfuls.. Once people are able to trust you and your brand, then you have at your disposal not only customers but salespeople whose word of mouth marketing and referrals can increase your profits significantly.`

However, there are things that must be done to win the trust of prospects, you must learn them and put them to work. One of such things makes the third point in this article.

3. Communication:

Communication is the life blood of any relationship. There must be constant communication between both parties, in the same vein you must furnish your clients with useful information concerning their situation and your business. Your communication should reveal that you know your target market, you have done your homework. It should demonstrate your knowledge of what you do, people want to deal with a professional, an expert. Someone that is worth his salt and has the capacity to deliver.

Your communication whether it’s a sales pitch, a blog post, an ad copy or newsletter should position you and your business as the ‘executioner’. Successful marketing focuses on the customer; it informs, educates, entertains and helps them always. When it is time to make purchases, you will be the obvious choice. This can culminate in a long term transaction with the client instead of a one-off thing. Great businesses work on retention; having their customers patronize them over and again, instead of a hit and run business model.

4. Content is Key:

For communication to be effective and produce the trust factor which is required to retain a client, it must be rich. Customized and timely. Rich in the essence that it must be helpful to the customer one way or the other. Empty buzzwords that only talk about the company and her myriads of quality products and services won’t earn you a customer. Customers don’t give a heck about what you sell, they are interested in what is in it for them

Also, your communication must be specific and customized. How exactly does it help the customer or how can they use it, given their unique situation? Your mailing campaign, adcopy samples, blog articles etc, must be personal, specific and customized to the customer for it to be effective. Tell them the what, why, when and how, be specific!

5. Consistency of the message:

Your communication must be well thought through in order to maintain consistency. These applies to your graphics, info graphics, ad copies, sales pitch, social media posts, and the likes. They should all tell the same story and must remain fairly constant across all platforms.

Every communication material must pass the brand test; that is, it should be consistent with the values, vision, mission, goals and culture of your business. They should reflect what you stand for and your commitments as a company. Do not give them too much to think about you and do not drift away from the core of your business, the things that defines you.

6. Genuinely Care:

If you genuinely care about the people you serve and the work or business you do, you won’t be manipulatively trying to “hook” but help your customers. People can tell when you genuinely care about them and they get suspicious when you are trying to manipulate or sell to them. Communication from a brand that cares will be passionate, service oriented and solution based. It will seek ways to reach out to the customers, when customer service officers begin to sound boring on the phone, there is a problem; when they can hardly wait for the customers to hang up and do nothing to attend to their queries, then there is a problem. Entrepreneurship is more than buying and selling, at the heart of an entrepreneur is love for people and the desire to serve them. This makes all the difference.

7. Multiple Media

Finally, as you seek to leverage on relationships and build trust, you must give customers     media for contact and feedback and let then use the ones that suits them. People like it when they  are given options, so let them have your email ID, phone numbers, social media handles and so on and above all have someone to respond quickly to enquries and comments on these platforms. Delay is dangerous.

If you apply these things, over a period of time the results will be evident.