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September 12, 2018

The Power Of SEO

The power of seo

To win online, you must utilize the power of SEO

As an SEO Agency, we come across a lot of things that are very startling. While Digital marketing can produce amazing results for your business, it is not magic, it follows some basic principles and take a lot of work, time and focus to get the success you want from your strategies. Many people will make it sound like a piece of cake, but it ain’t, however, it is not rocket science. No matter at what level you are, SEO can be learnt and implemented effectively for your business and these series will help you get started quickly or maintain momentum steadily without the high sounding Jargons of “so-called experts” and all.

If you think having a website is the solution to your digital marketing problems then you are in for a shocker. Whoever told you that having a website was all you need to tap into the power of digital sold you a half truth, in fact you’ve been scammed! No for real, you have been sold a lie and its time you faced it.

This is what I mean; if you launch a website today it will be drowned in the sea of well over 100,000,000 websites, you see? Your business will rot in oblivion and your sojourn into the digital will become the death of your business, forever!

However, to reap the full benefits of Digital Marketing you need to have a full SEO optimized website, that is the secret code and it makes the difference between a website with tons of traffic and crazy conversion rate and a website that is seating pretty online waiting for the web hosting and domain name to expire .

The Big Question

To help you understanding this let’s go back to the main reason why you need a website. To make more money! You may want to argue with that but don’t worry, the truth is all business efforts must lead to cash, customer satisfaction and people development, the order of priority is yours. And by the way, there is nothing wrong with making money; you should be proud that you have a product or service that adds value to people’s lives in exchange for profits, that is a noble call, take pride in your enterprise.

So if you intend to make money from your website, directly or indirectly, how do you think that will be achieved? You need people to visit your website, it is called traffic. How are you going to do that? Now that’s where SEO comes to play

SEO = Visibility

Visibility is important if you must stay afloat, people should be able to find your website or else they may never try out your products and services. At this juncture let me remind you, that real people go online in search of solutions to their problems and problems in this context doesn’t necessarily mean sickness or death. It could be a simple as selling a shoe, now people need that for walking right? Well that’s solving a problem, congratulations!

Every day, people go online, on Google for instance and type into the search box queries that corresponds with the solutions they seek, here are a few examples:

  • How to design a website
  • How to dance shaku shaku
  • How to blog with wordpress
  • How to make money online
  • Prices of Tecno Phones
  • Top ten editing apps
  • Weavon sellers in lagos
  • Top drinking spots in Calabar

Now we have hundreds of millions of such queries daily from all around the world, however, most clients only visit website that shows up the page 1 of the search engine result pages (SERPs). This is powerful, it is called organic traffic. I mean, no cajoling, no coaxing, people can and will go to your website straight up! That’s a gold mine, many entrepreneurs will do anything to have his happen to them.

However, the truth is it can happen. Search Engine Optimization is a critical factor in your quest to dominate your space in the digital. You see, not everybody who knows how to design and host a website understands SEO, just because someone can design amazing graphics and infographics contents don’t mean they can help you optimize your website and that’s the reason many beautiful looking website don’t perform as expect. Aesthetics is not everything.

Therefore, your focus is to get a website that is discoverable, visible, a website that is positioned in such a way that it can be found easily by your customers, especially because you know they will find your offering irresistible. What do they say? If you’ve got it, flaunt it?

Your Reach Is Your Limit

Your profit will always rise to meet the number of people you are able to reach and satisfy, with digital marketing the only limitation you have in terms of clients is the one you allow. You can completely transform your business and move it from level to the next on a consistent basis if you will engage the power of SEO. If your business is not evolving and reaching more people it is dead.

There is no mystery to it, the secrets are out, if you are still doubting then you are risking going out of business this year. However, I will love to help you utilize the potentials of SEO no matter the kind of business you do and the industry, this could be the most important step to transforming your business forever.

Warning: This will not be a walk over, you will need to work hard and spend on it, but the gains will be worth it. Actually, organic traffic is way better than paid ads for obvious reasons and in he next article you will learn how it works and how you can get started immediately If you are not technically up to it, outsource it to an SEO agency or employ the services of a freelance SEO expert. Don’t let your business fade away, get ready to step up your game and achieve your business goals.